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My name is Rose Wang and twelve years ago I was in China. Now I live in Shrewsbury, MA.

I have loved art since I was a young girl, but I never had the chance to go to any art universities because my parents didn't allow me to go to this University, even when I got a full scholarship for it. I learned from a teacher at home about 40 years ago. I practiced for about 7-8 years. After high school, I went to nursing and medical school.
After 3 years of working as an MD, I went to Vienna, Austria and I worked for 7 years as a nurse. I started painting with silk and oil during my free time.

Since I came to the USA, I had a very hard time living my life, with no opportunities to continue my hobby. I tried to go back to school for nursing and I didn't get transcript from my country. I have tried and succeeded passing the GED test, to try to go to nursing school again.

Recently, I found an opportunity that would allow me to continue my favorite hobby. I am lucky to be a member of Art Daily. It makes me more determined to start my drawing and painting. I am happy and sad because I must work 60-80 hours per week to support my family (my husband (a Chinese doctor) that lost his job and 4 young kids). I really wish that I could draw and paint every day.

I am very very happy and honored to show you my art work. I like all different kinds of art, including wall art, silk, wood, glass, porcelain, water color, sewing, and making jewelry, but I am mainly working with oil paintings and pencil drawings. My artwork has a lot of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, still life, and figures as well portraits. My artwork is supposed to be a natural version of what I see, with a couple of signature twists, like more vibrant colors. You can find my work here, "Artist Daily," "The Complete Artist," and "The Shrewsbury Art Guild." My husband and I now have a company known as Yuquan Natural Herbs Center, Inc. and a facebook page with more info (

Through this website, I am able to learn a variety of art skills and have a stronger passion to continue.

Thank you very much for your time to read this short biography.

Your fellow artist,
Rose Wang natural herbs center inc

All images in this gallery are the original paintings of Qiaofeng Wang.
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sunset by Rose Wang


Boston Building by Rose Wang


Landscape abstract by Rose Wang


Sunrise by Rose Wang


flower with water drops by Rose Wang


Sunrise by Rose Wang


Reindeer with red wreath by Rose Wang


sunset by Rose Wang


Winter Bushes by Rose Wang


lake by Rose Wang


Lake by Rose Wang


Holiday Greetings by Rose Wang


city of Boston by Rose Wang


bridge by Rose Wang


light by Rose Wang


City light by Rose Wang


Holiday light at night by Rose Wang


Holiday light by Rose Wang


abstract by Rose Wang


Christmas flower by Rose Wang


still life by Rose Wang


Holiday Ornament by Rose Wang


Holiday wreath by Rose Wang


Nutcracker by Rose Wang


Holiday wreath by Rose Wang


snow flake by Rose Wang


Violet pansies by Rose Wang


blue flower by Rose Wang


pansies by Rose Wang


pansies by Rose Wang


Pansies by Rose Wang


Pink flower by Rose Wang


Pink flower by Rose Wang


Crystal ball by Rose Wang


Red tree by Rose Wang


jumping horse by Rose Wang


Lovely by Rose Wang


wolf by Rose Wang


Yellow flower by Rose Wang


umass medical center by Rose Wang


Snow with sunrise by Rose Wang


first snow day by Rose Wang


Snow in ma by Rose Wang


snow in ma by Rose Wang


snow day by Rose Wang


night lights. by Rose Wang


Light in Boston by Rose Wang


night light by Rose Wang